Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Imagesoft Transport software

With Warehouse Management System (WMS) you’ll know exactly what you have in your warehouse, where it is and how much of it you have

Save time and money by tracking product movements and storage locations, managing stock put away to storage, picking and invoicing.

WMS integrates with our Freight Management System, sharing information such as customer details, consignments, addresses and freight charges.

Product features include:

  • Inventory and product management
  • Multi warehouse with customised locations
  • Receipt inward goods
  • Order and pick slip generation
  • Stocktake facility
  • Dock Door management
  • Automated storage charge outs
  • Transport integration with FMS
  • Storage and Handling Billing
  • Integrates with mobility for scanning, pick up, put away and stocktake
  • Web portal to provide customer access for product stock inquiry and order entry via the web
  • Dock Door planner calendar
  • Warehouse zoning

Request a demo of Warehouse Management System to find out how easy it is to use or contact us with your questions and to discuss pricing.